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Saturday, 31 December 2016

From Collared Pratincole to Lesser Yellowlegs - My fave 100 photos from 2016!

 So another year comes to a close, 2016 will be remembered for Brexit, Trump and the death of an unusually high number of famous personalities! :(
  Personally, it was the year I finally caught up with Bearded Tits, a bird I'd never seen before!
Other notable species I managed to photograph included Somersets first ever Collared Pratincole, plus a Lesser Yellowlegs, Water Rails, Dartford Warblers, Black Redstarts, Bitterns, Hen Harrier and Cuckoo, plus a wealth of commoner species, which I enjoy photographing as much as the more elusive birds!
    So in my final blog post of 2016, I share 100 of my personal favourite shots of the year.
 On first edit, I had over 400 pics!! I pruned them down to 263....then had to be ruthless to whittle them down to 100! They are all below, in no particular order!
 I hope you enjoy.... thank you to everyone who visits my blog and comments, shares and likes my pics across all the social networks that I post to (You can find the links in the 'Links' section of this blog, above!) :)
   Finally, I'd like to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 















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