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Sunday, 28 October 2018

My brand new Exclusive birds calendar for 2019... plus a very confiding Little Grebe at Wells!

So I finally did it!
After being asked to make my own calendar for many years, I have finally got around to it! :D
I had a sample made and sent from the printers & was very impressed with the quality, the paper is thick, almost card-like, and my photo's look great!

   I thought about doing an A3 calendar, but whilst that sample also looked impressive, I decided it would cost too much to package and post such a large item.
  So I settled on the A4 size.

You can buy one for £15 if you're in the UK, or for £25 if you are outside the UK. This will include FREE postage and packing PLUS a FREE 12x8 signed print of one of my most popular ever photo's, The Bathing Robin, which I usually sell for £8!

   You can pay via Paypal (Quickest and easiest!) or possibly by cheque if you don't have Paypal.

If you're interested, please message me with your order using either the contact form on the right side panel here >
  Or by messaging me on my Facebook nature page HERE
Or by messaging me on my Twitter nature account HERE

Here is the cover;

Here are the June and December pages;

Here is the back of the calendar;

Here is the free signed 12x8 Bathing Robin print you will also get with every calendar order;

Why not buy one for yourself, and buy one or more for family and friends for Christmas? :D
  Remember, you will be getting the calendar AND the signed print with the order, so potentially 2 possible presents! They will also be exclusive, not sold in shops or mass produced, so will not be on every wall in the country like generic mass-produced calendars sold in all supermarkets etc! :)

So now it's time to talk about the photo's I've taken since my last blog post 2 weeks ago.
 I went to Bishops Palace in Wells last weekend to try and photograph the Kingfishers that spend the Autumn and Winter around the moat there. I saw one quite regularly, flying up and down, but it always disappeared into a bush out of view and unfortunately didn't pose out in the open. At one stage it was chased over the Palace wall by another Kingfisher! They are very territorial birds and they can fight to the death at times! I had to make do with a couple of distant shots in the shade, but I will try again!
   One bird there that did 'perform' was an unexpected Little Grebe, that was very confiding, fishing close to where people walk up and down the path next to the moat! I couldn't resist taking advantage of this situation  and snapping quite a few pics! It's usually very hard to get close to these birds, unless you're in a hide at a nature reserve!
  I also had fun photographing the many Black Headed Gulls at the moat, especially as they bathed in the water, with lovely Autumn light on them!

Below are pics from my Wells visit, including Blackcaps, Nuthatch, Grey Wagtail, Treecreeper, Moorhens, Blue Tits and Blackbirds, as well as other nature photo's taken since my last post, including Buzzards, Poppies, Butterflies, Turnstones, Knots, Jay, Cattle Egrets and a Hornet! :)


^Above^ - Lots of pics of the Little Grebe at Bishops Palace moat in Wells, including 2 of it underwater! 

    ^Above^ - Kingfishers at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Male and female Blackcaps at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Nuthatch at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Blackbirds at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Grey Wagtail near Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Blue Tits at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Raven at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Robins at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Treecreeper at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Rook at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Long Tailed Tits at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Moorhens at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Woodpigeon at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Great Tit at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Mallards at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Unidentified Wigeon like duck at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Rat in the moat at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Squirrels at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Black Headed Gulls at Bishops Palace. In the bottom few pics a Gull and a female Mallard waited under a berry btree for Blackbirds to drop berries into the water! Clever!

^Above^ - Feral Pigeons at Bishops Palace.

^Above^ - Unidentified Moth at Bishops Palace.


^Above^ - Buzzards around the Somerset Levels.

^Above^ - Cattle Egrets at Tealham and Tadham Moor in Somerset.

^Above^ - Young Mute Swan at Tealham and Tadham Moor.

^Above^ - Grey Heron at Westhay Moor in Somerset.

^Above^ - Jay at Westhay Moor.

^Above^ - Jackdaw on the Somerset Levels.

^Above^ - Dragonfly at Westhay Moor.

^Above^ - Wren at East Huntspill in Somerset.

^Above^ - Male Peacock walking down the lanes near Mark in Somerset.

^Above^ - Little Egret at Apex Park in Burnham on Sea in Somerset.

^Above^ - Redshank on the river Brue at Burnham on Sea.

^Above^ - Turnstones at the river Brue.

^Above^ - Snipe at the river Brue.

^Above^ - Dunlin at the river Brue.

^Above^ - Knot, Dunlin and Turnstones at the river Brue.

^Above^ - Curlew, Turnstones and Dunlin in flight, with Canada Geese in top pic at the Brue.

^Above^ - Canada Geese at the river Brue.

^Above^ - Juvenile Herring Gulls at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Black Headed Gulls at Apex Park.

^Above^ -Robin in my Bridgwater works yard.

^Above^ - Dunnocks in my works yard.

^Above^ - House Sparrows in my works yard.

^Above^ - Hornet at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Speckled Wood Butterfly at Apex Park.

^Above^ -  Bit of a tatty looking Small Copper Butterfly at Apex park.

^Above^ - Female House Sparrow at RSPB Greylake in Somerset.

^Above^ - Poppies at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Autumn scenes at Bishops Palace.