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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Chilly but sunny Winter morning at RSPB Greylake.

My other half woke me this morning with the words 'Wakey wakey, it's a sunny morning!'
  Usually I would have lazed in bed for half an hour, but with these encouraging words I was immediately up and at 'em!
  I went to RSPB Greylake, my favourite birding destination if you hadn't already realised! ;)
Considering the weather, I expected the reserve to be busy, but there were only 3 cars in the car-park!
  At least that meant there would be room in the hides!
During a couple of hours in the hide I watched the usual suspects, Wigeon and Teal, Buzzards and Marsh Harriers, Stonechats and Snipe.
  The waters immediately in front of the hide were frozen, meaning the ducks were a little further out than usual, They were only 'put up' a couple of times, but it's always a great spectacle to see!
  There were a few familiar faces in the hide, Steve Balcombe, Chris Hooper and his brother, Jan Fearnley and her hubby....all lovely people! (Thanks for the Barn Owl tip Jan!)
   Finally I spent half an hour taking pics of the small birds in the car-park.... this time of year the Reed Buntings are particularly confiding by the feeders!

Below are some photo's from todays visit;

^Above^ - Snipe.

^Above^ - Lots of Winter Ducks! (Wigeon and Teal)

^Above^ - Mallard pair.

^Above^ - Buzzard.

^Above^ - Hidden Chiffchaff.

^Above^ - Mute Swans.

^Above^ - Marsh Harriers.

^Above^ - Magpie

^Above^ - Pied Wagtail on the ice.

^Above^ - Female Shoveler.

^Above^ - Wigeon.

^Above^ - Stonechat.

^Above^ - Rook.

^Above^ - Blue Tits.

^Above^ - Dunnocks.

^Above^ - Robin.

^Above^ - Starlings.

^Above^ - Reed Buntings.

^Above^ - The Lesser Spotted Carlicus Bovisicus.... ;)

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