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Monday, 3 February 2020

January 2020, lots of little birds and a male Hen Harrier!

2020 is already a month old, and I present my first photos of the year! 
There's lots of Chaffinches as usual, a spattering of House Sparrows and Blue and Great Tits, a few winter ducks and even a very distant, but very rare, male Hen Harrier! 

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    Here are all my January pics, in no particular order.....enjoy! :D

^Above^ - Chaffinches at RSPB Greylake

^Above^ - Kingfisher at Bishop's Palace in Wells, Somerset.

^Above^ - Robins

^Above^ - Common Sandpiper at Chew Valley Lake.

^Above^ - Mute Swans

^Above^ - The Moorhen guard!

^Above^ - Pochard.

^Above^ - Blue Tits.

^Above^ - Great Tits.

^Above^ - House Sparrows.

^Above^ - Starlings.

^Above^ - Dunnocks.

^Above^ - Green Woodpecker in my Somerset village.

^Above^ - Greenfinches.

^Above^ - Song Thrush at Apex Park in Burnham on Sea.

^Above^ - Reed Buntings.

^Above^ - Magpies.

^Above^ - Collared Doves.

^Above^ - Stonechats.

^Above^ - Buzzard.

^Above^ - Male Mallard at RSPB Greylake.

^Above^ - The rare male Hen Harrier at RSPB Greylake

^Above^ - Shovelers at Greylake.

^Above^ - Snipe.

^Above^ - Marsh Tits at RSPB Swell Wood.

^Above^ - Nuthatch at Swell Wood.

^Above^ - Coal Tit at Swell Wood.

^Above^ - Goldfinch in my garden.

^Above^ - Blackcaps in my garden.

^Above^ - Feral Pigeons.

^Above^ - Black Headed Gulls.

^Above^ - Great White Egrets with Heron and Little Egrets, bottom pics.

^Above^ - Woodpigeons.

Herring and Lesser Black Back Gulls at Apex Park, juvenile with plastic bottom pic.

^Above^ - Long Tailed Tits in my garden.

^Above^ - Grey Herons.

^Above^ - Pied Wagtail walking on water!

^Above^ - Wren.

^Above^ - Blackbird having a bath in my garden.

^Above^ -Teal at Greylake.

^Above^ - Wigeon and Teal at Greylake.

^Above^ - Huge numbers of Starlings coming in to roost at Ham Wall.

^Above^ -Redshank at Steart Marshes in Somerset.

^Above^ - Various birds! :D

^Above^ - Rainbow at Steart Marshes.

^Above^ - Bumped into the lovely zoologist Roxy Furman and cameraman Ben Harris at Steart Marshes.

^Above^ - Beautiful Starling murmurations at RSPB Ham Wall.


^Above^ - Snipe feeding at RSPB Greylake.

^Above^ - Chaffinches, Great Tit and Blue Tit at Greylake.

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