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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lesser Yellowlegs at Cheddar reservoir!

A few years ago I remember 'seeing' a North American vagrant wader at Shapwick Heath in Somerset.
I managed what I would call a 'record shot' of the bird on that day, although in reality it was just a blob in the distance, about as recognisable as a Lesser Yellowlegs as a flowerpot would be!
    So, when I heard that another of these birds had turned up at Cheddar reservoir in the last couple of days I got myself over there, with my family in tow!
   The bird was a lot closer than the last bird I encountered and very tame and confiding, which enabled me to get some quite pleasing shots of it, despite the poor light!
   Now I have proof that I have actually photographed a Lesser Yellowlegs, and not just a distant flowerpot!
  So this blog is just dedicated to this delightful little lost wader..... the least it deserves after it's long exhausting trip over the Atlantic ocean! :)

Lesser Yellowlegs


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