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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Abbotsbury Swannery...... Cute Cygnets galore!!

On the 12th of June I popped into Abbotsbury Swannery near Weymouth in Dorset as I was in the area and I knew this was the time of year that there would be Cygnets about! It was a grim, wet, foggy and dark day and I didn't have long, but I took my camera in anyway in the hope of getting some half decent pictures!
   I was amazed by just how many baby Swans were about, they were everywhere! The parent birds were very tolerant of the human visiters too, allowing very close views. I got my camera wet in the rain, but it was worth it! I just wish it had been a lovely sunny day, maybe that's asking too much of British Summers nowadays!
  The whole place is beautiful and there were lots of other wildlife about too! I will definitely be visiting again!

Below are some of the cute pictures I managed to get, despite the conditions!


Plus a Pheasant interloper!! ;-)

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