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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Young Peregrine Falcons, Treecreepers and Butterflies galore!

It's mid-Summer and my usual lack of mojo in photography at this time of year has reared it's head again, although my recent trip to amazing Skomer Island rekindled the passion! I just don't like the heat too much, and neither do most birds! They hide away in the thick vegetation refusing to be seen or photographed for the most part!

So here I share the photo's of the many Butterflies and a few of the less shy birds in the couple of weeks before my Skomer trip and the couple of weeks after, including juvenile Peregrine Falcons at the Avon Gorge in Bristol, Reed Warblers at RSPB Greylake and juvenile Pied Wagtails at Portishead;

   ^Above^ - Juvenile Peregrine Falcons at the Avon Gorge, practicing diving at a Lesser Black Backed Gull in the biottom pic!

   ^Above^ - Herring Gull at the Avon Gorge.

   ^Above^ - Lesser Black Backed Gull at the Avon Gorge.

   ^Above^ - Reed Warblers at RSPB Greylake, with a juvenile in the bottom pic.

   ^Above^ - Shovelers at RSPB Greylake.

   ^Above^ - Mute Swan cygnets growing up at RSPB Greylake.

   ^Above^ - Blackbirds at Portishead, with a juvenile in the bottom 2 pics.

   ^Above^ - Young Pied Wagtails at Portishead.

   ^Above^ - Adult Pied Wagtails at Portishead.

   ^Above^ - Rock Pipits at Portishead.

   ^Above^ - Goldfinch at Portishead.

   ^Above^ - Distant Bitterns at RSPB Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Cormorants at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Great White Egrets at Ham Wall, with a Heron in the bottom pic.

   ^Above^ - Grey Heron at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Great White Egret and Little Egret at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Hobbies at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Great Crested Grebe at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Young Coot at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Marsh Harrier at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Mute Swan at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Mallard at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Sunbathing Robin at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Willow Warbler at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Carrion Crows at Sutton Bingham reservoir in Somerset.

   ^Above^ - Canada Geese at Sutton Bingham reservoir.

   ^Above^ - Young Herring Gull at Sutton Bingham.

   ^Above^ - Treecreepers on the Polden Hills in Somerset.

   ^Above^ -Lesser Black Backed Gulls and their chick opposite my Somerset office.

   ^Above^ - Woodpigeons at Apex Park in Burnham On Sea in Somerset.

   ^Above^ - Lesser Black Backed Gulls at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Herring Gulls at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - House Sparrow at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - White Mallard at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Sunbathing female Blackbird at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Collared Doves at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - House Martins in my Somerset village.

   ^Above^ - Juvenile Starling in my home village.

   ^Above^ - Collared Dove preening in my home village.

   ^Above^ - Curlew in my home village.

   ^Above^ - Blackbirds in my home village.

   ^Above^ - House Sparrow in my village.

   ^Above^ - Swallows in my village.

   ^Above^ - Stock Dove in my village.

   ^Above^ - Woodpigeons in my village.

   ^Above^ - Avocet at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Goldfinches at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Grey Heron at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - House Sparrows at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Linnet at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Little Ringed Plover at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Female Mallard at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Mute Swan at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Mute Swan Cygnets at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Reed Buntings at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Whitethroat at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Very light phase Buzzard at Aller in Somerset.

   ^Above^ - Kestrel at Aller.

   ^Above^ - Meadow Brown Butterfly at Sutton Bingham.

   ^Above^ - Marbled White Butterflies on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ -Meadow Brown Butterflies on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Six Spot Burnet Moths on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Soldier Beetle on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Ladybird on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Common Blue Butterflies on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Small Copper Butterflies on Daisies at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Brown Argus Butterfly at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Cinnabar Moth caterpillars at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - White Butterfly on Clover at Greylake.

   ^Above^ - Dragonflies at Greylake, one with broken wing!

   ^Above^ - Butterflies at Greylake....unsure which species!

Six spot Burnet Moths at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - White Butterflies on Thistles at Steart Marshes.

   ^Above^ - Dragonflies on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Dragonflies at Ham Wall.

   ^Above^ - Bumble Bee at Portishead.

   ^Above^ - Common Blue Butterflies at Collard Hill in Somerset.

   ^Above^ - Peacock Butterfly at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Painted Lady Butterfly at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Small Skipper Butterflies at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Six Spot Burnet Moths at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Meadow Brown Butterflies at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - White Butterflies at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Red Tailed Bumble Bees at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Flies and Field Scabious at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Dragonfly at Collard Hill.

 ^Above^ - Field Scabious at Collard Hill.

   ^Above^ - Poppy at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Ox-eye Daisies at Apex Park.

   ^Above^ - Orchid on The Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ -  Flower on the Polden Hills.

   ^Above^ - Happy Dog at Portishead!

   ^Above^ - Information sign at Portishead!