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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Fishing Heron, Swallows, young Starlings, Goldfinches and Geoff!

It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post, but I've still been taking pictures here and there, so here are a few of the better ones I've managed!
   Harsh Summer sun is actually a very challenging light to photograph in! I usually lose my photographic mojo between June and July, maybe for this reason.... or maybe because the leaves and grasses have all grown and hidden a lot of the nature that I love to photograph!
    My mate Geoff has just started to get into photography, and he's learning quickly and very passionate about it! I enjoyed an afternoon at RSPB Greylake with him recently.... I already see that he has 'the eye'!
  Maybe he'll even start his own blog in the future!

Here are some photo's from the last 3 weeks;

^Above^ - Fishing Grey Heron at Apex Lake in Burnham on Sea in Somerset.

^Above^ - Herring Gulls at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Lesser Black Back Gulls at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Magpies at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Woodpigeons at Apex Park.

^Above^ - 'All you do is go on and on and on....' Ducks at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Honey Bees had made a home in an old tree at Apex Park!

^Above^ - Hawthorn blossom at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Sunbathing female Blackbird at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Moorhen at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Great Crested Grebe at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Common Blue Butterfly at Apex Park.

^Above^ - Buttercups at Apex Park.

^Above^ - House Martins in Westonzoyland, Somerset.

^Above^ - House Sparrows in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Jackdaws in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Magpies in Westonzoyland, including one scratching and one sunbathing!

^Above^ - Rabbit families in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Rook in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Robin in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Young Starlings and their parents with mouthfuls of food, in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Swallows in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Female Blackbird in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Goldfinch in blossom at Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Blackbird on a post in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Westonzoyland leaf....

^Above^ - Lesser Black Back Gull at Bridgwater.

^Above^ - Light and leaves in Westonzoyland.

^Above^ - Mallard Duckling at Secret World in Somerset.

^Above^ - Jackdaw at Secret World.

^Above^ - Cheeky Jackdaw using a Peacocks water bowl at Secret World.

^Above^ - Female House Sparrow through the fence at Secret World.

^Above^ - Selection of flowers at Bower Flowers in Somerset.

^Above^ - Goldfinch at Bower Flowers.

^Above^ - Strawberries growing at Bower Flowers.

^Above^ - Male and female Gadwall at RSPB Greylake.

^Above^ - Male Reed Buntings at Greylake.

^Above^ - Lapwings at Greylake.

^Above^ - Mallard at Greylake.

^Above^ - Goldfinches at Greylake.

^Above^ - Male House Sparrow at Greylake.

^Above^ - Robins at Greylake.

^Above^ - Sedge Warbler at Greylake.

^Above^ - Dandelion seedhead at Greylake.

^Above^ - Greylake scene.

^Above^ - Mute Swan at Greylake.

^Above^ - My mate Geoff at Greylake.....getting the bug!

^Above^ - Pied Wagtail at Mole Valley Farmers in Bridgwater.

^Above^ - And finally .... a reflection of the photographer! :)