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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Marsh Harrier, Buzzard, Kingfisher and Winter ducks!!

Woke up this morning and noticed something very strange..... the sky was devoid of clouds!!
   I immediately necked my breakfast and got down to RSPB Greylake for a couple of hours to take advantage of the unusually bright weather! (It's been wet and cloudy for weeks in Somerset!)
    Unfortunately, 'bright' and 'sunny' didn't equate to 'warm'..... it was bloody freezing, especially in the Worlds coldest hide, where the wind was making my nose cry even more than my eyes!

Was worth the pain to get some decent photos for once!

^Above^ - Marsh Harrier.

^Above^ - Kestrel.

^Above^ - Buzzard.

^Above^ - Kingfisher.

^Above^ - Carrion Crow.

^Above^ - Snipe.

^Above^ - Starlings.

^Above^ - Chiffchaff.

^Above^ - Male and female Shoveler.

^Above^ - Wigeon.

^Above^ - Male and female Teal.

^Above^ - Mallards.

^Above^ - Various duck, Wigeon, Teal and Mallard.

^Above^ - Teal with an unusual duck on the left. An escape?

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