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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


As it was another gorgeous day, I decided to pop up the road to RSPB Greylake again this morning. I'm so lucky to have such a great reserve on my doorstep!
  From the hides there were some distant Ducks including Gadwall, Mallard, Teal and Shoveler, but also 3 scarce Summer visiters, Garganey! 1 handsome male and 2 females.
  Plenty of Little Egrets were dotted about the site, but no Great White Egret which I had seen here a couple of days previously.
  Some Lapwings entertained by doing their song flights in front of the hide.
I was surprised that no Hirundines were present during my stay, I had seen a Sand Martin and a couple of Swallows 2 days previously.
  I was talking to a lovely chap, Malcolm Taylor, and saying that despite it being rather quiet, you could never tell what might fly in! Little did I know how prophetic my words were to be, for within a few minutes a Hoopoe flew in from the left and landed right in front of the hide!!! Surely a million to one happening in the UK! Unfortunately it was partially hidden by a clump of grass and within seconds flew up and headed off in a South Westerly direction!
  We couldn't believe it! I managed a few passable shots, despite my excitement!
What a fantastic morning, and a real moment to remember!!

Below are some pics of the Hoopoe and other shots from the last 2 days;

^^ Above ^^ - The Hoopoe.... the star of the day, week, month and year!!

^^ Above ^^ - Male and Female Garganey

^^ Above ^^ Shoveler and Garganey

^^ Above ^^ - Little Grebe with fish.

^^ Above ^^ - Mallard

^^ Above ^^ - Lapwing

^^ Above ^^ - Little Egret

^^ Above ^^ - Goldfinches

^^ Above ^^ - Reed Buntings

^^ Above ^^ - Chaffinches

^^ Above ^^ - Dunnocks

^^ Above ^^ - Great Tit

^^ Above ^^ - Great White Egret, taken on the 13th April

^^ Above ^^ - Sand Martin, taken on the 13th April