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Friday, 10 February 2017

Brean Down's superstar Black Redstart!!

Yesterday I had my lunch break at Brean Down in Somerset.
The car park was practically deserted. I walked straight to the rocks under the cliffs by the beach to look for a very confiding female Black Redstart which I had seen and photographed there a few weeks ago.
   I stopped briefly to photograph a Robin, then noticed a bird fly down and land within a few feet of me on a rock..... it was the Black Redstart! She came in even closer and sat there posing. She has become so confiding she even comes and greets you now!!
    As I didn't have any tasty morsels for her, I climbed on to the rocks and moved some of the seaweed on them, revealing a hopping, crawling, flying melee of bugs!
   The Black Redstart was soon down enjoying the feast, followed closely by the Robin.
I grabbed a few photo's, it would've been rude not to! The light wasn't great, but she was so close that it didn't effect too much the quality of the photo's.
 20 minutes well spent in the company of Brean Down's superstar Black Redstart!
She's a delight! :)

^Above^ - The star of the show..... the female Black Redstart!

^Above^ - Not to be outdone..... the almost as confiding Robin! :)