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Monday, 14 March 2016

Treecreeper, Skydancing Lapwings, posing Wrens and the setting Somerset sun!

We had a lovely sunny weekend here in Somerset so I popped to RSPB Greylake for a couple of hours on Sunday. Time flies when I'm sat in the bird hide enjoying the activity and talking to others, so much so I was late leaving and wasn't the most popular person with my other half who had been slaving over the cooker preparing a delicious Sunday roast! I guess I'd better treat her to a trip to Ikea this week to make up for it...
  A lovely couple I met were Susan Powell and her husband. I do hope you get your settings sorted on your Canon Susan! Sorry I wasn't more of a help, I'm a Nikon man!
   We were treated to some Wrens that were hunting for creepy crawlies on the low vegetation in front of the hide! These are usually a nightmare to photograph, but this is a great spot to get a clear photo of them, I see them most times I visit!
    Also coming close was a Male Reed Bunting, which again was taking spiders and flies around the fence and on the low vegetation! You can get close to these birds in the car park, but rarely out in the reserve itself!
   The Lapwings were taking to the air in courtship and wheeling about and calling in pairs, they proved a real challenge to photograph!
 There were still hundreds of wintering ducks about, and at one stage a flock of 50+ Snipe flew past close to the hide!
 On Saturday afternoon I walked around my village as the sun was starting to set. I managed a couple of nice House Sparrow shots and some Linnets in the fading light, then took advantage of the low Sun to get some Sunset shots, Including a silhouetted singing Robin!
   Friday wasn't sunny, but there were a few Treecreepers about when I passed Westhay Moor Nature Reserve, so I tried to photograph this challenging species in cloudy conditions.
   I got a couple of passable shots!

Below are some of the photo's I managed this weekend;

^Above^ - Cute posing Wren at Greylake!

^Above^ - Male Reed Bunting at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Lapwings at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Little Egret at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Mute Swan at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Female Shoveler at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Male Wigeon at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Great White Egret at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Calling Carrion Crow at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Snipe at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Male Mallard at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Kestrel at Greylake.

  ^Above^ - Winter Ducks at Greylake. (Wigeon, Teal and Shoveler)

  ^Above^ - Female Blackbird in my home Somerset village.

  ^Above^ - House Sparrows in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Male Blackbirds in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Pied Wagtail in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Linnets in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Collared Dove in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Woodpigeon in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Wren in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Singing Robin silhouette in my home village.

  ^Above^ - Female Blackbird having a bath in my Somerset garden.

  ^Above^ - Jackdaws coming in to roost in my home Somerset village.

  ^Above^ - A selection of sunset shots from my home village.

  ^Above^ - Treecreeper at London Drove, Westhay, Somerset.

  ^Above^ - Singing Wren at London Drove.

  ^Above^ - A couple of nature lovers at London Drove.

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