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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Black Redstart of Brean Down... Somerset's most famous bird!!

I finally managed to get down to Brean Down today in search of a real Somerset star, a gorgeous Male Black Redstart!
   In case you were wondering, here is the bird in question;

What a beauty eh!

Now I must admit, when I first arrived at Brean Down things were not looking great....a thick fog made photography almost impossible! Instead I went for a walk along the bottom of the Down towards Brean Down farm and the estuary to see if I could find the Twite that had been in the area for weeks. I had no luck, however I did see 2 Peregrine Falcons mobbing a Raven! A nice consolation prize!
  I took a couple of pics, but it was so foggy they're record shots at best! I'll post them at the end anyway!

 Eventually the fog lifted and the sun came out to play, so I got myself down to the rocks at the end of the beach besides the cliffs where the Black Redstart had been seen regularly for the last few weeks.
   I found myself a comfortable rock to sit on (It didn't stay comfortable for long!) and waited for the birds! The first to come close was a male Stonechat, followed by a Robin, the a Wren..... and after a while, the star of the show, the Black Redstart!!
   They all came within about 2 metres of me, one stick protruding from the rocks was a particularly favoured perch!
   I couldn't believe my luck and kept clicking away!
 I met a few friendly people, such as Penny, Steve and 'Big Bucket', a lovely chap so nicknamed as he drove a huge digger for a job! There was also a friendly couple whose names I forget (sorry!) although I think the lady was 'Sylvie'
   They all enjoyed the Black Redstart as much as I did!

I also photographed Rock Pipits and Pied Wagtails that came close and posed. What a fabulous place to sit and wait! The small birds love the bugs and flies that live amongst the seaweed that has washed up on the rocks!

 I could not get enough of the gorgeous Black Redstart! Luckily it kept going on a small circuit of the rocks, so kept coming close! It seemed curious about me, sometimes appearing to eye me up and down!!
  Maybe it had never seen a human quite like me before....

By the way, I post pictures on Flickr too, so please give me a follow if you're on Flickr and I'll follow you back! Here's the link;


Below are some of the pics from the day...The Superstar and it's supporting cast;

^Above^ - The Male Black Redstart.... sigh!

^Above^ - That fly is mine!!  The Black Redstart again!

^Above^ - The Male Stonechat and Black Redstart!

^Above^ - Pied Wagtail

^Above^ - Dunnock

^Above^ - Linnets

^Above^ - Rock Pipit

^Above^ - Wren

^Above^ - Raven

^Above^ - Jackdaws

^Above^ - Blackbird

^Above^ - Goldfinch

^Above^ - Beautiful male Stonechat!

^Above^ - The posing Robin!

Horse riders on the beach.

^Above^ - Buzzard

^Above^ - Peregrine mobbing the Raven in the fog!