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Thursday, 14 March 2013

More Reed Buntings! 14th March 2013

As I was off work and the Sun was making a rare appearance in Somerset I thought I'd pop up the road to Greylake once again for an hour or so! First of all though I put up a Tit nesting box with an attached camera in my garden! The box had been bought for me by my mum for my Birthday in January and I thought it was about time I got it outside before the nesting season was in full flow!
   On arriving at Greylake I saw my friend Nick Stacey had had the same idea! He was sat comfortably in the boot of his people carrier taking pictures of the Reed Buntings that come into the car park to feed on the seed put out for the birds. It's usually difficult to get pictures of Reed Buntings, but here they positively come down to pose right in front of you! I couldn't resist taking a few pics myself!
   After a short chat, my other half ,our youngest daughter and I walked to the hide. The usual birds were about, the Ducks, Egrets and Snipe. One Snipe flew in and landed right in front of the hide and started feeding, pushing it's long bill into the mud! They are usually pretty hard to have a clear view of as their plumage is perfect for camourflage in their wet grassy habitat!
  Such a pity I couldn't stay longer, but even just an hour in nature is a relaxing pleasure to savour! :-)

Here are some pics I took during the visit;

^Above^ - Posing male Reed Buntings!

^Above^ - Blue Tit

^Above^ - Great Tit

^Above^ - Snipe

^Above^ - Greylake Reeds